Build on Books is a Registered Charity Number 1158201

Registered address 38 Oak Tree Road, Marlow, Bucks,SL7 3EE Contact: +44 (0)1628 476 041






Build on Books is a Registered Charity Number 1158201

Please donate through PayPal in all currencies & CAF cheques.

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Build on Books, 38 Oak Tree Road, Marlow, Bucks SL7 3EE

Our Bank details are Build on Books 20-40-71 13757374

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Every December, Builds on Books hosts our Annual Ebola Orphans Christmas Party for children whose parents died of Ebola during the crisis of 2014


The Ebola epidemic was a painful time for children in Sierra Leone, but the Build on Books teams tried to bring them as much joy as we could while they kept them safe and well-fed. This was especially at true at Christmas when Father Christmas visited them outside their quarantined homes. We have kept up the tradition of celebrating Christmas with the orphans every year since.


Each December, the orphans look forward to a visit from Father Christmas at the library in Waterloo and enjoy singing, dancing and playing games. Then after a delicious Christmas lunch (Sierra Leone style, of course), the children are visited by Santa Claus himself. 


He carries a sack full of presents donated by our friends in the UK. In the months leading up to Christmas, we collect rucksacks filled with Christmas gifts, school supplies, toothbrushes, hair decorations and other treats and sweets for Father Christmas to give the children. We also send clothing and shoes and provide the children with new school uniforms to help them throughout the year.


Please support our Annual Christmas Party

Your 10 donation will help us send all these gifts for Santa to hand out and provide a delicious Christmas lunch with lots of treats and trimmings for one child.  

Please Support our Christmas Appeal for the Ebola Orphans

Thank you to everyone who donated rucksacks filled with school supplies such as rulers and geometry sets, and toiletries such as toothbrushes as well as yummy treats.

Further donations may be left in the blue shed at the address below


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Christmas Appeal

Any funds we receive above our target will be used to help the orphans education

Please sponsor a child for just 10